Generate Yearly Report - REFrame TransactionItem DataType Required Updates

I am trying to update the various pieces of the REFramework after changing the TransactionItem variable in the Main.xaml from a queitem data type to a string as instructed.

I’ve made the following changes:

  1. Main.xaml - TransactionItem changed datatype to String
  2. GetTransactionData.xaml - out_TransactionItem changed datatype to String
  3. GetTransactionData.xaml - Disabled “Get transacation item” Que activity
  4. Process.xaml - in_TransactionItem changed datatype to String
  5. SetTransactionStatus - in_TransactionItem changed datatype to String
  6. SetTransactionStatus - disabled the Set transaction status for Success, Business Exception, and System Exception actives plus the assign ReturnNumber from Que active,

I still getting a child validation error on the Main.xaml for the GetTransactionData and the ProcessTransaction workflows. I am not sure what other change(s) I am missing.

Thank you,


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I found the error or actually a bug that was causing the issue. In the catch for the “Try GetTransactionData” the TransactionItem is set to Nothing in the assign activity “End Process (Could not get new transaction)” For some reason had to change Nothing to a string by placing it in double quotes and then remove the double quotes to change it back to Nothing.


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