Generate Yearly Report process after the create yearly report

After it has completed the process of creating yearly reports, the system pauses there for quite some time, not sure if it actually was working or not. But at one time i waited it out and it did finally navigated to the Dashboard, before moving on to the Upload Yearly Reports page. Is is normal to have such a long wait to move on to the next step? Because previous invoked workflows did not take much time at all, including the previous steps that also used the Navigation to Dashboard.

I have did some testing, at the create yearly report process or aka the Download monthly report page, before downloading anything, navigation or any other activity works straight up, however after a download has completed it takes a very long time to process or not at all.

Update: i just did some testing of the seperate workflow for navigation dashboard

  1. Without downloading anything

it was instant, i used a dynamic selector to navigate from any part that allowed to click on the ‘Home’ button too

  1. After downloading a file

It took roughly 1 min 50 seconds (excluding the time to input data and download) just to navigate after the download…

check which part is lagging and change waitforready to None

Would it be the create yearly report workflow or the navigation workflow?

go to download monthly report workflow and see where is lagging

I had a previous issue of the loop for going through each month not being carried out after the first month is found and processed, but, the solution provided was to change all activities WaitForReady property to None , within the for each loop.

I only changed the front part of the activities in the loop to such, before the if else part where it checks if there is no report found, and it works out for me. However, would this solution to change all the activities’ , including those that were in the if else loop of the for each loop (which I have not changed) WaitForReady property to None be related in this case?

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