Generate Yearly Report Performer - System1_CreateYearlyReport Error

Hi all,
I am working on Generate Yearly Report assignment.
And I am getting this below error in my System1_CreateYearlyReport xaml of the performer. Please help me to solve this selector issue. It would be a big help. Please take some time and help me.

Thanks in advance.

edit it in UiExplorer and use this, keep in only the name of the window and filed and test if work, not then add another point. Selector should be as dynamic as it can so try to check if CLS is changing every time you open the app and try to have as less as it can be in it.


I have tried your suggestion but it’s not working properly can you please tell me how to make dynamic selector in this case?


Hi @pragya_neekhra

Could you please show us the saveas pop up and what is the selectors coming by indicate the file name text box using uiexplorer.

Hi @prasath_S

I am getting these selectors while indicating the file name text box using UiExplorer.

I have checked from my end and the selectors are working fine for me, though there are couple of things to check ,

  1. Is the saveas pop window always open when you click save because sometimes it shows report is not available for this month right?
  2. check before typeinto if the saveas windows appear using element exists activity and put a message box or Log message (used for identifying errors) if element exists output is true.

Hi @prasath_S
Now I am getting this type of error. What should I do?

It says the file is not found , make sure the file is downloaded properly.

Kindly check if the file is present in the given path.

Yes I have checked and solve it. But whole process took a long time to run. Is there any way we can run our process a bit faster ?

You can use simulate click property (on click and type into) it will speed up the process,also mark it’s as solution and close the thread if your problem got resolved.


Okay I will do that. Thank you so much for your time and help. I really appreciate you for giving your valuable time to help me in solving my issues.

Happy to hear😇

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Hello @prasath_S

I need your help again. As I have completed my workflow of performer. Now while running the main file from starting my workflow is not fetching TaxID in respective textbox. Please help me and suggest what should I check in my workflow to solve this.


Is there any error coming while fetching tax id?

I have resolved it. Now on verifying on ACME website I got completed status only for some WI4. I don’t know why some WI4 status is still open. What should I do in this case? My workflow has run properly without any error.


Hello @prasath_S

Please tell me what should I do? Should I reset the data then again run the dispatcher and performer? Or I should run performer again only without resetting the data on ACME.

Thanks in adavance.

Hi @pragya_neekhra

Yes reset the data and run the workflows and after the process completed submit the project.

Hi @prasath_S

I have done that. But now it gets stuck at System1_NavigateTo_Dashboard during uploading of the report. I have checked the selector for it. In fact, I have debugged every activity separately also. At that time there was no issue. But when I am trying to run the main xaml it’s giving me an error. And this error comes randomly like while the process is done for some taxID and when it starts next taxID it will throw an error. I have attached my workflow below if you can check and tell me where I am wrong then please let me know.
Thanks. (2.0 MB)

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