Generate yearly Report-Performer Problem

I had this Bug , even if the row’s “Name” and “Value” are right,
I couldn’t fix the problem;
Thank you!

You have Excel open in the first step. Open your machine’s Task Manager and ensure that Excel is not running.

Thank you,
It’s OK for the first one, but i can’t handle the second one :frowning:

The second error only occurs if there was a failure reading the Config file. If this error still persists even after the Config file was successfully read, your Config file is likely corrupt. Try replacing it with the default one from a blank REFramework.

I changed the Config File,
I have now this error :frowning:

ClientInformation isn’t being set. You’ll need to use the Step Into function to walk through your code and check what it’s doing when it’s supposed to assign something to the variable.

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Sorry but I don’t understand ,
What am I supposed to do?

You need to set Output of Get Text Activity to ClientInformation and then check