Generate Yearly Report out_UploadID

Some transactions ‘out_Uload’ are not recognized. Execution stops at the last picture. What value should I write?

Thank you for letting us know.

I believe your selector is too specific. You could fix this one of two ways:

  1. Try using the Repair function in Selector Editor when you have the pop-up on-screen after running into this error. It will attempt to find the like elements in your current selector and the one on-screen to create a better selector for future runs.
  2. Manually remove elements of your current selector. Looking at your current selector, I would recommend perhaps unchecking “ctrlid” and seeing if that works.

Hopefully that helps!

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Hello @hanbyeol

Try to use wildcards in selectors like * where you think values will change everytime you do the same steps, that will help you solve your problem i think.


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Hi @hanbyeol

In your selector you are using **
Try using a single *

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Thank you for your answer! I tried and I succeeded. <3