Generate Yearly Report for Vendor Assignment


I have submitted Generate Yearly Report for Vendor Assignment as two separate workflows, is that correct or not ? because i have tested it on my machine and it works very fine and correct, but when i submitted for evaluation the result was failed! did i missed something ?

Hi @SHasan

You did it right you have to zip both the workflows together and submit.

However please verify all the WI4 items have been set to completed and with proper Upload id.

Also, you can try these steps -

  1. Reset you test data
  2. Clear your queue
  3. Run dispatcher and then performer
  4. Verify that all reports have been properly downloaded and yearly report is correct.
  5. Check all the items set to be Completed
  6. Submit Assignment


@PrankurJoshi thank you for your replay, i have did exactly the above steps with no luck!!

Please verify how many items are completed from the Orchestartor queue.


already verified them all with successful status

I am sure you would have verified but there is something wrong with it that we have to find.

Please run your workflow and see output pane if you can see something.


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Dear @PrankurJoshi one more question please, i have to upload all the reports to year 2017 ? right ?

You have to upload only yearly report.

@PrankurJoshi Thank you man for your notes, i have passed the assignment now :slight_smile:

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I am having a similar issue with assignment 2. I have completed all the steps and submitted it 3 times I still am getting 0 correct items.

I am still confused on :

comment contains the correct Upload ID . What is correct upload id. Just the id number of the completion or the whole sentence?

Will the yearly report name still be 2017 or 2017. since the year has changed?

@Pema_Sherpa Regarding to PDD it should be 2017. Please follow @PrankurJoshi notes above and you will pass it :slight_smile:

@Pema_Sherpa After you upload yearly report successfully you should have upload Id from dialog window, you should get this Id and set the comment with this Id after you set the status to complete.

Yes, I have set the uploaded file name with 2017 in it.
Also when selecting the year at the time of downloading monthly and yearly there is no option for 2017 because since it is a new year the only options are ( 208 and 2019) . Like the ppd now.year(-1) its 2018 , so I have selected 2018 but the file name is still 2017 for yearly when uploading.
All of my comments is exactly what ppd mentions.

@Pema_Sherpa totally forget that we are in 2019 now, I think you need to upload 2018 yearly report.

Yes that is exactly what I did but I have named the file with 2017 on it.

@Pema_Sherpa please find where you set the file name to 2017 and change it to 2018 then upload it

It is some how still failing. Any ides where?
this is like my 6th submission. ogod!

UiPath Academy

Total Items: 16 Completed Items: 16 Correct Items: 0

Please check the following notes again.

My test data , I always reset during each new execution, Queues on the orchestrator are always cleared.
I run the dispatcher first then the performer.
Monthly files are all downloaded but immediately deleted after it gets appended /merged with yearly report data table.
Regarding the comment can you check if this is how the comment should be? Mine looks something like this.

Uploaded with ID 78787487972hdhd2.- upload id is just an example.

Here is what the yearly report looks like.

Al I have doubled check all the WI4 data they are all completed.
I wish there was a way to identify where the issue is?
My logs also show no errors Process completed without any errors.

Thank you

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@Pema_Sherpa your data looks fine, Please note that you should not reset your data while evaluating the assignment, please confirm