Generate Yearly Report For Each Loop in Months

I think my system always comes to a very long pause after having extract a first found value of the month, saving and downloading the report for that particular first month, merging it into a table and then it stops there.
I don’t think its continuing to process other months. How do i fix this?


Change WaitForReady from Interactive to None for those activities.


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could you explain what does that do in this scenario


WaitForReady - Before performing the actions, wait for the target to become ready.

  • None - Does not wait for anything except the target UI element to exist before executing the action.
  • Interactive/Complete - Waits all of the UI elements in the target app to exist before actually executing the action.
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In which cases would I have to go and manually change the default Interactive to None for stuff to work? I don’t quite understand when is it needed to change. Like for this case was it worked on the first item in the loop , with the interactive value , but then what makes it stop ? Why must it be changed to None for the loop to continue? I understand that it does t have to wait for anything but…

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