Generate Yearly Report : File Save Error

Hi everyone,

I cannot pass the Generate Yearly Report stage because of this insistent problem.

At the worflow named System1CreatYearlyReport, I am giving report file a name. Then save it and then try to read it like everyone do.

You can see the message box output that show my file path variable. But in my computer, it is saving the file with this name.

It must save it as “Report-IT-145632-2018-January”
But it is save as “Report-IT-1”

Is there anyone who can solve this problem? I tried hard but could not solve. I can also send screenshots that show the contents of the variables if you want to.


Whats is the variable you use for the message box activity?


I dont see how is possible the same string can show 2 different things in different activities… Also you dont need to use ToString if it is already a string. Maybe change in your type into where you have lots of quotes to Chr(34) + ReportFilePath + Chr(34)

Hi @mazlumkacar,

Could you use the message box just after before “click save”?
Because accourding to your screenshot, the path is still not wrotten because the whole path shoud appear.

Also, in Type Into you don’t have to use quotation marks, the variable ReportFilePath (it is a string or shoud be converted into string with .ToString) should be enough

Hei, I had the same problem. Try using path between quotation marks ("""" + ReportFilePath + “”"") and uncheck the Simultate Type property. It worked for me.