Generate Yearly Report Dispatcher (Process finished due to no more Transaction)

I am getting the output process completed due to no more Transaction.
But data do not added to Queue.
Please support.
I am able to open Acme Website, do succesful Login, click on Work Items.
I believe there is issue in generateTransactionData.
The dynamicSelector variable returns null value and it didnot progress further

can you cross check once image
by clicking on this??

No data to show in my Queue. And even while running the project it does not runs to next page in work items.

process finished due to no more transaction comes only when there is no data to update to queue try resetting the data in home page!

I am using a dynamic selector to check for element exists of next page click button, But that is returning a false value, therefore there are no further transactions going.
How to correct this selector so that element exists gives a true value. i am using chrome.