Generate Yearly Report - Dispatcher "Process Finished Due to no more transaction data"

Why is this showing such a message? Further, is this dispatcher framework related to performer workflow? Thank you in advance.

@Lakshman help !!

First you need to run the performer because performer will add item to queue and then dispatcher wil use that queue item if queue items are not there this message will occur.

Follow the walk through given, it explains there what roles each one of them has ( Dispacher is used to add the data to the queue and performer will read that data from the queue). Regarding your message, it’s probably because you’re not checking if there are any more transactions, or total number of transactions.

@kalyanDev But we use the activity “Add Queue Item” in dispatcher, right? This is what the document says.

However, can you please help to rectify this issue of dispatcher?

@RobertD Do we need to go for data scrapping from multiple pages or not? I am not able to figure it out here how to check.

Read the walk through , it says there that you will scrape from one page at a time, and you transaction will be the current page.

“Use an If activity to check if there is more transaction data left.
o If the next page exists, set the output argument out_TransactionItem to the
value of the current page, namely in_TransactionNumber.
o If the next page doesn’t exist, set the out_TransactionItem to Nothing”

@RobertD This is what I have also implemented.

@srdjan.suc help

Debug and see what values you have for in_TransactionNumber, It should contain the current page number.

If you are using Performer and Dispacher you don’t have to use String as a out_TransactionItem , this way is harder and it is mean to test us at Certification Exam.

My advice would be to use normal Data Scraping tool, set the out_TransactionItem to DataRow and then use Add Queue Item activity to add items to the Queue .

Check if there is connectivity between Robot and Orchestrator.

I will send you one xaml file that i’ve used to do something similar to this, it might help just change the Config file to match your system (1.4 MB)

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Hi Anky,

Dispatcher add items to queues in orchestrator platform.
Please check in orchestrator if any transactions are loaded once you run Dispatcher and update here.

@neetha Yes 4 of them are loaded. But why is it uploading all of them?

thank you so much @srdjan.suc I understood what you are trying to say. But, I have made so much efforts to do this, so I would be grateful if you could help with this logic.

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check how many items are in acme website against the list in orchestrator

There are altogether 13 items in the acme website. @neetha

The way you are doing it there is no need for Dispatcher and Performer just do it all in one Project.

You need to make out_TransactionItem as a String right?
If that is right, you need to count the number of pages from Work Items and put them in TransactionNumber, then scrape each page for the WI item that you need, put the corresponding information in Queue and process the next transaction.

What does your TransactionNumber count?