Generate yearly report dispatcher Navigation issue

Hi All,

Robot is not navigating to next pages on the ACME site. It stays on page 1 and after some time execution would get completed. Moreover, there are no validation and execution errors as well. Kindly help to resolve this issue.

in Extract Data activity you have property MaxNumberOfResults, how much is it set in your case?

Maybe it is searching for the first few, don’t find any WI5 matches and then it ends the project

If you want to check all the possibilities you need to set MaxNumberOfResults to 0

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Hi @srdjan.suc

It’s 100.


I’ve set it to 0 and ran the workflow however same issue.

Try restarting your computer, idk why is it not scraping.
After that, use different browsers to see if there is the same problem

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I’m facing runtime execution errors with IE, hence I’m using Chrome right now.