Generate Yearly Report Dispatcher - GetTransactionData' has validation error: Catch or Finally expected for TryCatch activity 'Try Catch'

I am doing the dispatcher for ‘Generate Yearly Report Assignment’. - After testing, the first two steps, which are logging in and accessing the work items list page; were fine.

However, the programs stopped going to the next page of Work Items, and the validation error appeared. Can anyone clarify to me what does this error mean?

Catch or Finally expected for TryCatch activity ‘Try Catch’.

I have attached the screenshot of UiPath Programme, try-catch activity in GetTransactiondata.XAML and AC-ME website in case they are needed.

Thank you in advance.

Did you assign any activity to your Catch?
Check this doc

I did not assign anything to Catch. - Now kinda know what to fix next.
Thanks mate! @Jorge_Cavalcante

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