Generate yearly report dispatcher complication

Hi All,

Could you please help me to fix the below error:


It looks like selector is incorrect.

if its not selector error, please run it in debug mode and send us ss of the activity that caused the fault plus its settings and attributes for us to understand

Hi @lakshman @MythicGold ,

Below is the selector:

How can I modify it to below:

try open it in uiexplorer and it is a dynamic selector

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Hi @MythicGold ,

Able to execute the dispatcher without any errors now however queue is not getting updated. What would be the issue?

can you try resetting test data and deleting your queue + recreating the exact queue name and try to run it again? share with us the result.


I did that but still the same issue. Could you please check my process file once?Process.xaml (15.3 KB)

is ur selecting next page working? from what i can tell ur process looks fine

also, did u check in orchestrator queue on uipath platform?


Robot is unable to navigate to next pages on the ACME site. It stays on page 1 and after some time execution would get completed.

@MythicGold ,

Yes, I have double checked. No transaction items found under the queue.

well there you go, thats the root cause of your problem

@MythicGold ,

What do I need to do to resolve this problem?

check ur dynamic selectors under your get transaction data

Below is the dynamic selector:

why are you using chrome, chrome is not stable lolz, try converting all of your browsers into IE based and try again, chrome is not stable with selectors :joy:

edit: also you need to remember to assign transaction number = transaction number + 1


When I use IE, Iā€™m encountering runtime error. Hence I started using chrome.

maybe you didd not assign transaction number = transaction number + 1


Yes I did.