Generate yearly report dispatcher bug

Hi All,

Can any One Help me i’m getting error in the dispatcher
the screen Shot Attached

please help me

Your TransactionItem is Null. If you’re using a queue here, it means that your queue is empty or does not exist.

Also, for GenerateYearlyReport, you do not need to set the TransactionNumber to 0. This is not in the walkthrough. Make sure you’re following the walkthrough exactly as written, or the automated process will fail the process.

Hi @Anthony_Humphries
OK I understood ill make these changes and get back to you

Thank you

After the Changes work flow is running without any errors or warnings
but in datascrapping its not taking the data and its not Adding it queue
instead its saying there is no more Transactions, Can you please guide me with this

If it’s a problem with the data scraping activity, check how you have it set up. Use Step Into to see what the code is doing at that point and keep an eye on your variables in the Locals tab.

okay ill check