Generate Yearly Report - Dispatcher Assignment 2

Its supposed to fetch all the page of workitems by the increment of 1.
But here,it is just fetching the first page itself.

There is an error in the if Block
Please help me through this.


May I know What was the error we were getting with this expression

Cheers @Shahbaz670

@Palaniyappan Sir as You can see in the bottom right corner.
Its Showing the Fault in IF Condition

the expression- It must Increment by 1.
and the increment expression is given in the else part of the IF BLOCK.

Yah it’s faulting
But I don’t see any error with expression in if condition or even with the assignment

The only possibility is the argument passed with value or not for TRANSACTION ITEM and TRANSACTION NUMBER while invoking the workflow

Kindly check that once pls
Cheers @Shahbaz670

so you mean to say that i must code the condition like this-
and then else part i need to increment the TransactionItem ++ ??

The condition looks good only thing is we need to check whether the arguments are passed to this workflow which is been invoked by Invoke workflow file activity
Kindly share the exception message that occurred with this IF condition and for that run in normal mode and not in debug mode so that we could now the issue

Cheers @Shahbaz670

this is the exceptions arising.

and these things are the vars and args declared in the error part.

this error shows that the variable TransactionItem is not passed with any value
kindly check that once like from where it is getting value
Cheers @Shahbaz670