Generate yearly report_"Data\Temp" into a file

Hi, can anyone tell me why, when i run the whole program, in the “Create_Yearly_Report” the “Data\Temp” path converts the folder “Temp”, into a file?
And when i execute the sequence alone it works good. I can’t find, or i don’t know why it is working that way

@Ignacio_Smail By adding backslash("") symbol after Temp try once.

@Ignacio_Smail When you run a sequence manually, you are taking it as it is.

When you run the entire REFramework file, you are using the settings in the excel config file. Make sure you are using the config file correctly.

Hi @Ignacio_Smail

Add \ in the end “Data\Temp\” and try.

I don’t know other way to set the config… pls let me know if there are others

This is the error thrown

This is the path with the changes u mentioned

this is how the “Temp” folder looks

@Ignacio_Smail remove the / after temp

@Ignacio_Smail try something like this