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hi Guys - I hit a roadblock with Extract Vendor Information. Appreciate if anyone of you can assit me with the solution for this. When i execute it as a seperate Process its fetching me the TAX ID But, when i execute it with Main.xaml, its throwing me the below error Attach Browser ‘chrome.exe ACME’: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector: The closest matches found are: [59%]

It’s looks like you selector is not reliable.
Could you share how he looks like ?


Are we getting the correct page for vendor information page while executing from beginning(main.xaml) since i could see the closest matches containing the text like Not Found.

And also could you please verify for the chrome extension you have enabled the Allow access to URL option.

Please review and let us know. thanks.

Please try update the selector like that:

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Hi @mohit.jayani

Looks like the work item you are looking for is not found, that’s why the window title is changed.

Recommended to use proper wildcard in a such case

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

Used (*) but Error is Continue…

Hi @mohit.jayani

Its not an error, looks like the work item id 77912392 which is not present in the acme system.

Can you please try with some other work item or reset the acme database and try again?

Thank you.

Hi @mohit.jayani,

In the title put “Acme System 1*”