Generate Yearly Report assignment; File path not saving as specified in the variable?

I have an issue saving the monthly report as the required file path stored in a variable. I really don’t understand what is wrong, can someone help out?

Here i have ran the system, using a message box, as well as a write line to display the file path, the required file name is there with Report-TaxID-Year-Month.csv

Here you can see my workflow where i have used the same variable that has that file path

However when it is actually saved ( there is no other activities but just the type into and click save button ) this is the result, it is not saved correctly

And if i were to save it manually, copying the value of the variable from the write line activity…

It then actually saves correctly!

How do i solve this?

With that not working, i can never read the CSV

try shortening the name of your folders.

i unchecked SimulateType and it seemed to work. I did try reducing the name of folders it did not work

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