Generate Yearly Report. Assignment 2 question

I’ve completed both tasks(Assignment 1 and Assignment 2) in “Assignment: Generate Yearly Report” and got 100 on them, according to the “Account - Check Assignment result”.
Also uploaded the archive with the “Performer” bot, but still not received Results.
Is the archive for “Assignment 2” must contain both bots(Dispatcher and Performer) to complete this task?
If true, is it possible to reset this task, so I can reupload both bots in one archive?

Yes, you need to upload one zip file that have Dispatcher and Performer.

Thx @sandeep13
Still one question: Is it possible to reset the current attachment. So I could reupload the archive?

if there is option then you can do it(actually I haven’t remembered is there any option or not)

Unfortunately, there is no such option(reset/remove attachment).
So I thought that maybe someone on the forum could help me)

edited: Problem solved.

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