Generate Reports in Loop from Citrix


I need to generate and save same reports based on a citrix calendar for each week in a month for a specific group. I have 3 groups in total, which means I need to generate 12 to 18 reports per month.

The flow goes like this.

  1. Open Citrix
  2. Click a dropdown and choose group A
  3. Go to Calendar select first week of the month
  4. Click Generate Report

    Repeat number 3; select next week for the month
    Repeat number 4
    → I need to do this for each week of the month

When I’m done, i need to go back to the dropdown, select group B and repeat number 3 and 4 for each week. Same thing for group C.

In total depending on how many weeks in a month I need to generate 12 to 18 reports.

What would be the correct approach for this situation?


you can have dynamic selector for select item activity(dropdown to select group), as your week increments you can increment your dropdown index and you should be able to achieve this.

Sorry i missed Citrix here:| you can have a switch case and since there are only 4-5 weeks you can have them as variable and based on your week number you can select the drop down value
ex: week1-then select group-a
week2 - then select group-b etc