Generate Oauth 2 access token in UiPath Studio

Hi everyone
I’m relatively new to uipath.
I am trying to set up a http request to an external app (PEGA) in uipath using oauth2. First, I tried it with postman and it worked (to generate an access token and make a post request).
Can someone share how i can generate an access token in uipath or maybe share a link to a tutorial (i could find anything related to my case).

One more question: can i use the access token which I’ve generated in postman?
Thank you so much!

Hi @Chris_X ,

It really depends on how you’re integrating,

If you’re calling UiPath’s apis from PEGA:
You will need to configure pega as an external application, and then generate the corresponding tokens and move on based on pega’s documentation
Managing External Applications (

If you’re calling PEGA’s api from UiPath
This becomes a little bit complicated since you will actually need a redirect URI which in UiPath is provided with the use of connectors. As far as I know, currently there is no connector available for PEGA (but you can always check the marketplace), so one option is to use a bridge application (a simple web server in NodeJS may work to accept https) to receive the token and pass it to UiPath either by triggering your process or writting an asset.