Generate Data table from input file text

I have a case. and the problem is i want to make data table from read file text. I have a excel file and the headers are in row number two like this.

i’ve finnish make the program but the problem is i want to run it again but the data from first run i want still in excel and i want merge with another file input with the same. what should i do to change the first code?

this is my code and my input.
Main.xaml (13.7 KB)
Input1.txt (201 Bytes)
after first run done. i want add again with another input like this.
Input2.txt (201 Bytes)


Can you try to use GenerateDataTable activity and AppendRange activity as the following? (7.9 KB)


maybe i can use appendrange and generatedatatable for next cases. thank you for helping me

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