General Inquiry about Certification Types


Just wondering about the below -

  1. What types of certification are available in UiPath?
  2. Which ones are the fastest to get?




  1. Level 1- Foundation Training
  2. Level 2- Orchestrator Training
  3. Level 3- Advanced Training

Along with these certifications some other Non Technical training also there like Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Infrastructure Training, License Training etc…

Go to that above link and Register then you can find all available certifications.

And also one more certification is there RPA Developer and it is Advanced level.

Register in this site and complete it and it has 2 parts to complete it.

  1. Theoretical Quiz
  2. Practical Test

That Non technical trainings you can complete it fast.



Thank you for this information.
I’ll definitely try to get some of these certifications.

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