General CyberArk Queries

What are the general CyberArk Queries?

Query 1:
When is it the planned to extend the UiPath - CyberArk integration, to also include passwords used by the Robots to login to other systems when scripts are run?
This feature is now available in 2019.10 LTS version

Query 2:
To use CyberArk functionality in UiPath, is there additional fees/licenses to be paid to UiPath?
To use CyberArk functionality, there is no additional charge. The license needs to be purchased from CyberArk. 

CyberArk team would assist in complete installation of their component. 

Query 3:
Error “Could not start executor. The username or password is incorrect. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007052E)”. 
Recent upgrade to UiPath caused to lose the connection to CyberArk.  There is an attempt for Re-establishing the connection between UiPath & CyberArk.

Query 4:
Can Generic Credentials in CyberArk be stored and access the same using UiPath?
Yes, CyberArk can be used for storing Robot credentials. Use the below guide, for detailed step by step instructions for integrating Orchestrator with Cyber Ark