GenAi and Autopilot

Can we start utilizing GenAi and Autopilot in UiPath now. If Yes, Can some one please send step by step tutorial link for the same?


Yes GenAI is available in UiPath now. We got below out of the box activities to use.

Demo here:

You will have to use Integration Services → GenAI connector → Use the connection in Web Studio or Desktop.

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Hi @chandresh_agarwal

Here is the full documentation from UiPath on how to use the Generative AI in UiPath,

Check the below video on how to use AutoPillot in Studio and Studio web,

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Hi @chandresh_agarwal ,

Utilizing GenAI and Autopilot in UiPath

  1. Text to Workflow:
  • Describe your automation idea in natural language, and Autopilot will create the workflow.
  1. Text to Expressions:
  • Describe the expressions needed in natural language, and Autopilot generates them.
  1. Automated Code Generation:
  • Input natural language descriptions to generate code for automations.
  1. Create Apps from Documents:
  • Use PDFs or images to quickly create UiPath Apps.
  1. Testing with Autopilot:
  • Use Autopilot to generate, refine, and automate tests.
  1. Microsoft 365 Integration:
  • Integrate UiPath with Microsoft Teams and other 365 apps using plugins.

For resources visit UiPath Academy


How can i enable autopilot/GenAi setting for studio… I am using 23.10.0 version of studio and cannot find generate code option in ‘If’ condition


Unfortunately it’s not a package update feature. It’s Studio update feature. You will have to upgrade your Studio to 2024.10.

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For 2023.10.0 the Auto Pilot feature is not available. You have to upgrade your studio to the new version (2024.10.1) to experience the Auto Pilot feature in UiPath Studio… @chandresh_agarwal

You can experience the AutoPilot from 2024.10.0 version Studio. Check the Updates of Studio 2024.10.0 in the below website,

Hope you understand!!