Garbled Tooltip from Library in Activities Pane

I have published a Library locally. The workflow contains an annotation which is automatically transferred to the Tooltip in workflow Properties. When I include the Library in a Project the tooltip is all messed up as shown in the picture. Has anyone had this problem? and if so, is there a fix?


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And here are images showing a tooltip in the properties windowOpeningProperties Tooltip


@loginerror @ovi @Pablito After updating to 2019.10.2 I’m experiencing the same issue as reported by Torsten, and I’m happy to log a support ticket if needed. In case the question comes up, I wasn’t able to update to 2019.10.3 because of the Limitations While Publishing Libraries

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Hi @mark.bullard,
Yes, please open support ticket here:

Opened ticket with case # 00393949

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Per Oindrilia with UiPath Support, “We have tested and ensured that this issue has already been resolved in the 19.10.3 patch”. Can someone running Studio 2019.10.3 using local libraries confirm with a screenshot?