Gap between selectors in application using Flash Player ActiveX

Hello everyone,

I’m currently having problems with a desktop application - MetricsPrintWare - on a UI automation project. The application is built using Adobe Flash Player ActiveX. The selectors of the UI are identified correctly, but appear to be displaced from their original positions. Example screenshots follow:

This should be the “Vender” button highlighted.

Every selector has a vertical offset that makes the UI navigaion impossible.

Should be the “Presupuestos” button highlighted

The icon of the wrench should be highlighted.

These problems happen only when the application is opened from a Windows 10 OS machine, because when running in on a Windows 7, selectors appear to be perfectly fine.

We came to the conclusion that the problem relies on the OS because Adobe Flash Player ActiveX works differently on Win 7 and 10. On Windows 7 machines, the flash component can be installed directly on the PC (It can be seen as an individual program when trying to uninstall one), whereas in Windows 10 machines, the component is installed on the browser itself (Internet Explorer) and Windows 10 seems to have no support for Flash Player ActiveX anymore.

Has anyone worked with these kind of applications before, or encountered a similar problem? How can they be tackled?