G-Suite Guidelines

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Google Workspace Steps

  • Open the console and create a new project.


  • Enable all the APIs which are necessary for the project

  • Create a credential based on the project need (API, OAuth, Service Account).

  • If created Service Account, generate the key and store them in the project folder or the folder to which the bot has access.

  • The Key will be saved in the location chosen or in the download folder.


  • In the case of Service accounts, Common folder in the root of google drive must be shared with the service account mail and update the access as editor (By sharing the folder with the service account bot can have access to edit the file or folders that are inside the main folder).


UiPath Steps (Studio)

  • Search for Google Workspace activity in the manage packages and install that in the UiPath

  • Configuring the G Suite Application Scope Activity

  • In the properties panel add the following:
    • Add the required Authentication type (i.e. API, OAuth, Service Account)

  • If the Authentication type is OAuth
    - Give the Client id and Client Secret

  • If the Authentication type is the Service account key
    - Give the Keypath (The key downloaded from the console), KeyType as JSON, and Service Account Email.

  • If the Authentication type is API (This authentication will work only for Google sheets)
    - Give the API Key

Reference XAML file

G-Suite.zip (69.1 KB)

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