G-Mail ReDirect URI?

From May this year Google have turned off their ‘Less secure Apps’ feature, I have since downloaded the gmail activites package and am using the ClientID and Client Secret method. However for the Redirect URI, I don’t know what to enter, does anyone know what this should be?

Did you click the Learn More?

I’m assuming it would take you to an offshoot of

redirect_uri Required

Determines where the API server redirects the user after the user completes the authorization flow. The value must exactly match one of the authorized redirect URIs for the OAuth 2.0 client, which you configured in your client’s API Console Credentials page. If this value doesn’t match an authorized redirect URI for the provided client_id you will get a redirect_uri_mismatch error.

Note that the http or https scheme, case, and trailing slash (‘/’) must all match.

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Hello @Aine_Callaghan

Please check whether the below can help you.


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As @codemonkee said, you need to create credentials in google’s developer console. As an alternative, have you considered using Gmail connector/integration service?

About the Gmail connector (uipath.com)