Fund Code extraction using Excel file

Hi all,

Hope you are good and safe. I have a problem of fund code extraction from excel file.
Basically I have two excel file 1. Transaction excel file and other is fund excel file. From transaction excel file I am taking amount of buy or sell and compare this with fund code excel file. Here as Amount find. I want to extract the fund code.

I am attaching the fund code excel file.

Please guide me.


Data.xlsx (10.0 KB)

You want to extract highlighted fields?

Yes. But this is a transaction data. For example in TCS there may be more than Sell description. May be 5 or 10. But I will filter using Proceeds column.

I hope that this is dummy data. The information displayed on the screenshot looks confidential, unless its dummy data.

Simple Use lookUpdata table activity

Thanks for quick reply @copy_writes . Can you send me a small demo using attach xlsx file?


Hear which column data you extract

I want to extract High lighted data i.e. TCS, RIL, SBI etc. Based on condition. like

if (Amount.equals(ProoceedAmount)
i.e. 10,046.05 = 10,046.05

Again loop check return RIL after this SBI
Buy or sell data may be more than one.

The write line will change like Aditya Birla… like this or tcs is constant?

Chethan p

Yes perfect.