Functions to find out unmatched data between two pdf files

Hi all , need to compare two pdf files and find out unmatched data between them, need help to write the function to determine differences between both the files???..I have used this function
new List(of String)from{“t1” , “t2”}…Correct me if I am wrong…Thank you.

Hi @Rajnish
Use String arr strDirarray=Directory.GetFiles(InputFilePath)
for each item in strDir

use if for each item(0).toString.equals(item(1).toString

Ashwin S

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@AshwinS2 …Thank you for your response…I am attaching my workflow screenshot for your reference

…Please go through and help me to make correction…thank you.

Hi Robot Masters, I have been trying to compare two pdf files and find out the unmatched data between them…I am getting unmatched data in text file but it is 50-60% accurate…Need to findout 100% unmatched data from both the pdf files…I am attaching screenshot…Need hep from you …Thank you.