Full time work bot

hi everyone !!
i wont to schedule robot 24h/24h and 7/7 day
how can i do this
please help me to achieve this


You can schedule it for every five minutes.

Why you need to do like that and what is the transaction time.


Generally how much time will it take BOT to process the things ?

Yah we can do that setting the schedule for every one minute daily in Schedule option under Trigger tab in orchestrator
But ensure that your machine where we run this schedule will be full occupied

Cheers @Mahesha_Mendis

@lakshman I have already implement process to bulk reading of pdf
then actually every second bot need to process it

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i wan to read frequently added PDF and extract data to my database
then every and each second add PDF and i need to process it
then why i need to do this

If you want to trigger when the file is placed in that folder, you can use File Change Trigger activity so that it will run the process whenever new file is placed @Mahesha_Mendis

yes i already implement by using file change trigger
but i want to schedule bot to work 24/24 and 7/7


Then trigger the process for every minute of you want to run it 24*7.