Full form to short form


I am new to RPA tool, my requirement is in source excel its displays Full Name of Hospital, but in application i want to enter Short form (Ex: HospitalName ---- HN) how can i handle this. I have Full forms with short forms master excel also. Any one pls help me.

You should “cut” your upper case letters of your string with help of VB.NET functions.

System.Char.IsUpper(Char c) - will help you to define if current character of your string is in upper case.

So, try to find some information how to use loop through the string and create a new one with uppercase letters.

@aDovbysh Some times Hospital name is in Lower case also (Ex: Hospitalname)

Hmm… It`s very bad. Because you cannot use any patterns to create needed string.
I think to avoid such situations you should build your excel strings with help of some rules. Ex: HospitalName - every new word - start with uppercase.

source data convert to lower case, compare with lower case of hospital name from the master excel ,fetch require short form of HN

@rajsekhar how to compare & fetch Short form from Master, i am new to this tool so i dont have any idea if you have any .xaml file pls send me its very help full for me


assign variable a = sourcedata.Tolower

read range for master excel , genarate datatable dt

for each row dt

a= row(“hospitalname”).tolower

assign b=row(“HN”).tostring

@rajsekhar thaks a lot for your valuable information