FTP - with FTP

I developed a robot that will upload to FTP server a file, on my laptop it works fine. I migrated to the server and it gives me an error:
Its the same sequence that I have in my laptop. I can acess on the production to the ftp server using filezila, it is a ftps. In this production server I can’t download the packages so I have to install them manually from my laptop.
Can anyone help me?
Thank you

Hello Liliana!

It could be an issue related to network settings. Have you consulted this with your IT department?
What I’m thinking about is blocked communication from the server to another server via FTP.

Please consult your issue with network guys.

Best regards,

Artur Stepniak

Thank you. I am going to check

Sounds like a network issue. You tried with an FTP client on the robot already? Also check with various FTP variants, FTPS often works much better.

It does not work in any, I am going to check Today if the problem is on the server and the permissions