FTP Activities Inquiry


I just want to ask if Open FTP session is like Excel Workbook scope where you need to put other activities inside. I noticed that we can save the ftpsession but there is no option to use it on other activities. Also, on other FTP activities log in credentials is always required.

If I have a step where I need to list all files on path, can I just use Enumerate Files activity instead of Open FTP Session and Enumerate Files on body?

Thanks in advance


Just looking at the FTP activities now. I just came to know that, for all the ftp activities, we must authenticate first when doing manually. So, same as here, we need to authenticate and within the ftp session, we have to pass all the remaining.

Just for testing, can you try using Enumerate Objects activity and let me know the status?
and also try to do it within the session and check what is the result…

Learning something new today :slight_smile: