Front office BOT vs back office bot


Could anyone try and help me explain what is the difference in Front office and back office bots ? Eairler we had a single license which was for a Robot and it all worked fine.

From this forum i am able to digest that FOB cannot be invoked through orchestrator and would need to be attended / Scheduled manually on the machine.

But are there any Workflow Activities which are not avaliable / Avaliable in FOB and BOB ? , like eg , FTP is possible only in back office bot and not in front office? if so is that documented so that i can choose my bot wisely ?




Thanks for that , After going though it , what i understand is ,

If i am planning to integrate my bots with orchestrator and would want processes to run in backgroud i would look for Back office robot , and if i want bot to run without orchestrator , and one process at a time i would go for Front office bot.

And in both Front office and back office , the workflow activites would be the same , its just the way i need to use it (in back office i would need to use background automation methods like “Activate Box” , “Send windows message” )

is my understanding correct ?