Front Office Attended vs Unattended

Hi all.

I have some doubts regarding licensing type and use of a Front Office Robot.

I am developing a Workflow that will extract some data from various sources and will generate an Excel Report. The workflow runs well in UiPATH Commity Edition, and now is time to look for a license.

We don’t need Orchestrator, since the Robot will run always in a non locked session (Windows 10). Its a computer that nobody uses. The report will be saved in a Network drive. But we will need that Robot to execute itself 4 times a day (night included, there will be nobody to lauch the Robot manually)

In this scenario, assuming that we’ll have to purchase a FO Attended, how can we launch the Robot several times a day to get the report, without human support.

Thanks in advanced !

Miguel A.

Hi @miguel-angel.calvo

Available, but not officially supported method would be to schedule the bat file executing of the robot via command line with the Windows Scheduler.

Please check the Robot documentation on our website for more information about running your robot from the command line.

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Thank you @loginerror

We will try that option.