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is there a quick way to download a SQL table to an Excel sheet?

Hi @simone.paties You can Select all from the SQL table. The output will be stored in a datatable. Then you can write that datatable to an Excel sheet using write range activity.


Thanks Robin. It is not possible to download directly to excel without passing from datatable?

Hi @simone.paties, It is doing the same thing here.

  1. Connect to database.
  2. Execute query (Select * from databasename.tablename) → Store the value in a datatable
  3. Write that table to an Excel file using write range.

For any database activity, you have to connect to that database and perform any desired operation. If you are using UiPath this is the thing that you must have to do as per my knowledge.

Hope that answers you query. Feel free to ask if you have any further confusions.

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Hi @simone.paties ,

Beside above mentioned solution, you can actually connect your excel directly to the SQL table. Please refer to this:

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