From Outlook I want to read unread email and save in specified folder

I want to read emails(only unread) in outlook from oldest entry (oldest mail first). And save attachment in specific folder .and if I have 8 unread mails in outlook, I will start from the last 8th one and then read one by one till 1st. But in my get outlook mail activity, it should always be 10 (in Top). Not more and not less.
I tried because I have not idea about it how can achieved it .
Please share the program file(xaml) if anyone have for this …on
Vinod Kumar

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Hope these steps would help you resolve this
—Use a Get Outlook Mail activity
—where in the property panel mention the TOP property with value as 8 and enable ONLYUNREADMESSAGE property so that we will be getting g only unread mails
And get the output with a variable of type list of mailmessage named list_mails

—now use a FOR EACH activity and pass a the above variable as input and change the type argument property as System.Net.Mail.Mailmessage

—inside the loop use a SAVE ATTACHMENT activity where mention the input mail as item and path with the folderpath where we want to save the attachments

Cheers @vinod143

Thanks Bro@@@