From Get Attribute - to Database

Hello to all,
I have a perhaps trivial problem, but I don’t know how to go on.
The flow is very simple:
1: collect some elements on a web page
2: Insert the elements into a database table.

Currently, I position myself on the WEB page, and with GET ATTRIBUTE I collect the elements I need by assigning them the variables.

On the Database, I have an EMPTY table, which contains the columns of the items collected.

How can I insert elements into the table?
the UPDATE command cannot be used, being empty,
and INSERT cannot be used, because it is used to insert ROWS and not single elements.
How can I do?

Thanks a lot…


Read all elements at once from the webpage and then use Insert query to insert into the table.

If you are not getting all elements at once then pass single value into Insert query and keep remaining values as empty and later you update it.