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I am new to UI Path, currently seeking to automatize a very manual workflow consisting of an instruction in excel to be performed in a web based customer portal. I can easily create the flow, however, I do not know how to set up the validations as per below.

Excel instruction sheet (Workbook.xlsx) is constructed in the following way:

Column A | Column B | Column C | Column D
Account Number | BuyCurrency | SellCurrency | Amount
i.e. 12345678 | EUR | USD | 1000
for every currency trade on an account, there is a row with the structure above.

Customer portal is web based and structured in the following way/table:

Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 | Etc.
Account Number | Name | Type | X | Y | Z | Etc.

  • Account Number is a clickable text/string.
  • In order to get to the currency trade (child page), one must first click the Account Number, then once on the customer account page, one has to click the link/tab “Trade” (no direct link is obtainable).
  • On the “Trade” child page, the data from Workbook.xlsx has to be chosen from dropdowns and entered into a form.

Here is the workflow:

1.) Go into website (Customer Portal).
2.) Read the row in the Workbook.xlsx
3.) Click the Account Number indicated by cell value A2 in Sheet1 in Workbook.xlsx
-> Here, I cannot figure out how to set up a validation so that it chooses the right account no matter the order (reason: the Excel instruction could have multiple trades per account and there could also be accounts in the portal that are not to be traded).
4.) Click the child page/tab “Trade”.
5a.) Choose B2 value from a dropdown menu (it chooses between a list of currencies)
5b.) Choose C2 value from another dropwdown menu (same here).
5c.) Enter D2 value into a form field.
6.) Confirm Trade by clicking a button.
–> contigent on the text right to the form field is equal to cell value from B2.

Then, go to next row in Workbook.xlsx and repeat the process.
How do I do?

Any suggestions here?
Much appreciated any help.
As I said, I manage to make the workflow and it works smoothly, I just lack the opportunity to make it conditional on some steps and then having it repeat itself for each row in the Workbook.xlsx

Thanks a lot.

Hi Ciro,

is the web table has a selectors ? if yes, you can use some variable that contains each value from your excel table and then put the variable into the “click” activities selectors at “aaname” properties.

Thank you. It seemed to solve it!
Best regards

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