From Excel Column to String Array


I need to take into an array of String the data from an Excel file (of variable lenght) that has 2 columns (Name and Path).

If i use the Read Range i obtain a DataTable with both columns.

Now i can’t find neither a native feature, nor a workaround, to take the data of the column “Name” into a string array.

I’m a newbie so for sure i have overlooked something

Any advice?

Thank you

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hey @Gabriele_Camilli

welcome to uipath community forum

so your question is how you can get all the names from excel file column in an array?

Hi @Parth_Doshi,

Yes, i need to have all the “Names” in an array of String. The scope is to use them in a “For Each” Loop

Unreleted, could be useful (but not necessary) to have also both column in a Dictionary<Name,Path>, there is an easy conversion from DataTable to Dictonary?

Thank you