From Email Body To Excel or CSV

I am trying to get table contain of a mail in similar format in CSV or EXCEL , searched a lot could not get.

Find alternate in topic to save email and then extract it is throwing exception “access dined for the path”

Please help

Hey @hkjobs1988

This usually means you are trying to save the mail to a location that you do not have the correct permissions for. Can you try saving it to another path?

@Jordan Thanks for response, I have tried it is not working.

Hi ,
Try not to browse the path from save mail activity instead directly write name e.g. "savemail"in the activity.
It’s will create file name in the same folder as that of XAML.

yesss Thanks, it has saved the file but in case if I have 100-200 emails then all will remain in this folder itslef???

Is there no way to write an excel of CSV direct from mail body…??

Regards to writing into excel .
As of now I don’t think of any better solutions that’s that .
I need to do some R&D on that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Ok Many thanks to help… whenever you have time below are the steps of my work

  1. data will come in a email table format with a specific subject it may have multiple records.
  2. In order to paste that data in IE application I have to get the same in Excel or CSV then do wrote text.

If required data can be taken in attachments from the customer as below.
ClaimDataSheet.xlsx (9.5 KB)

Operation has to be started once mail has revived.