Frequent selector issue

what is best practice to adopt to avoid frequent selector issue.sometimes there are no selector issue for one transaction means transaction 1 is processed successfully but during second transaction selector issues are encountered .how to deal with this selector issues.what is ideal practice to avoid such selector issue.

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You already got the answer in your query buddy
That is we can replace those dynamic attributes withers with a Wildcard * or with variable along the selector attribute that’s supplied with dynamic values in it like this aaname= {{variablename}}

That would definitely avoid the selector issue

And one more in addition if we add more stable attributes to the selector we will never face any issue with bot identifying those elements

Hope this would help you
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hi in assignment 2 of level 3 in UI Path Academy course ,In Performer it is processing transaction one successfully but for second transaction it is giving selector issues ,the question is if there are selector error in activity ,then why is it processing transaction one successfully without giving selector errors.

because that selector is valid for the first transaction as it had the correct attributes
for next cycle when the same selector is used it is not because the selector and attribute values of those selectors are becoming dynamic in nature…
so as mentioned earlier find the dynamic part of selector and attribute values in it . --Replace that with wildcard *
–to find the dynamic part get the selector for the first time and selector of the same element for the second time manually
–compare them so that we would be able to find the difference in them and change the one which is dynamic with wildcard

hope this would help you
Cheers @varun5

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