Frequency of Hotkeys

There was a need to use hotkeys to automate one of the macro based application inside an excel. Can we put no.of repeat frequency for Send Hotkey under it’s property window ?

For example,
Activity :: Send Hotkey Property :: Frequency = 15 (Repeats mentioned hotkey 15 times)

Use while condition than hotkey activity than increment condition

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@indra Thanks for your response. :slight_smile:

I am aware of the solution.

It’s an idea to put this in a property itself.

@pandyaparag check attached zip file (2.2 KB)

Hello @badita & @indra,

I just wanna clear that It’s not my query. :wink:

I have added this topic under an idea tab.

I am sharing an idea that we can put a new property for send hotkey activity which will execute send hotkey ‘X’ no. of times.


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