Freezing issue with my web-based UiPath RPA process

I’m encountering a freezing issue with my web-based UiPath RPA process when I minimize the RDP window. The process involves interacting with a web portal, and I’ve utilized activities like Check App Status and Extract Text. Interestingly, other processes developed using classic activities do not experience this freezing problem.

When the RDP window is minimized, the process freezes and only resumes when the window is restored.

Has anyone faced a similar freezing issue with web-based development and modern activities like Check App Status and Extract Text? Please help me

Hi @Dumali_Weerasinghe

Some activities have built-in timeouts that determine how long they will wait for a response. If the freezing occurs during a specific activity, try increasing the timeout value to allow more time for the activity to complete.
Consider using alternative activities: If the freezing issue persists with the modern activities you mentioned, you can try using alternative activities that achieve similar functionality. For example, instead of the Check App Status activity, you can try using the Wait Element Vanish activity or custom code activities to achieve the same result.


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  1. Window Visibility: Some web activities in UiPath rely on the visibility of the target browser window. When the RDP window is minimized, the browser window may not be visible, leading to freezing issues. To address this, you can try the following:
  • Adjust the settings of the RDP session to allow remote connections to keep running when minimized.
  • Use the “Simulate” or “SendWindowMessages” property of web activities to interact with elements even when the window is minimized. Experiment with these properties to see if they resolve the freezing issue.
  1. Background Process: Modern activities like “Check App Status” and “Extract Text” may rely on JavaScript or other background processes running in the web page. When the RDP window is minimized, some web browsers may reduce or suspend background activity to conserve resources, which can cause freezing. You can try the following solutions:
  • Modify the browser settings to ensure that background processes continue running even when the window is minimized.
  • Use the “WaitForReady” property with appropriate options (e.g., “Complete” or “Interactive”) in the web activities to allow time for the web page to fully load and initialize the required processes.
  1. UiPath Extension: Ensure that the UiPath browser extension is installed and enabled in the web browser being used. The extension provides additional capabilities and enhances compatibility with web automation activities. Check if the extension is up to date and try disabling/enabling it or reinstalling it if necessary.
  2. Timeouts: If the freezing issue occurs during a long-running process, there may be timeouts set within the workflow that cause it to pause or fail when the RDP window is minimized for an extended period. Review the workflow for activities with specified timeouts and adjust them if necessary.
  3. Resource Constraints: Minimizing the RDP window may impact the availability of system resources, such as CPU or memory, which can lead to freezing issues. Ensure that the machine running the RPA process has sufficient resources allocated to handle the automation tasks.
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Thank you so much @raja.arslankhan. I tried using both “Simulate” and "SendWindowMessages”. And "SendWindowMessages” resolved my issue. Thank you again.

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@Dumali_Weerasinghe Happy Automation. Stay blessed

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