I’m new to the forum and UIPath

Please could someone tell me the best place to find a freelance developer. I’m looking for something which i believe would be fairly simple for a person who has developed with UIPath. It may even be simple for a beginner. I’m using the Community version

  1. Open an Excel file
  2. Perform a text to column
  3. Copy multiple cells from a row in excel
  4. Open a website
  5. Paste copied cells into multiple fields on the website and search
  6. Copy search results back into the same row used in number 3
  7. If no results from search type ‘No Results’ into excel
  8. Then repeat 3 to 7



Have you tried in websites like, or fiverr?

No but ill take a look.

Any ideas how much something like this would cost or how long roughly it would take to develop?

I’m a freelancer developer. You want my phone number?

@mn85, Welcome to the Uipath community.

It’s really easy, I can do it even if you’re in a budget. I believe it wouldn’t take me more than an hour to build but that’s not always the case depending in the exceptions. Anyway let me know if you’re interest.

We also have a jobs category whenever you need to post a job.

Thank you both for replying.

Do you have a rough idea on price?

My hour price is US$ 150,00 per hour. I accept bitcoin, eth or tether. If you’re interested, please, text me on telegram or whatsapp +5581992443844

Hi @mn85
I think this is doable just add more details on it and I can easily create this component for you

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:

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