Free dll or software to convert PDF to xls/xlsx


Hello, maybe someone knows a free way to convert PDF to xls/xlsx? I’ve been using BlueFox, it converts very accurately but the client can’t use it because they say it qualifies as a malware for them. Thanks for any help.


How about iTextSharp?


Has anyone tried to and imported it successfully? I’ve imported PdfSharp previously and everything worked fine, but just can’t see iTextSharp namespaces in UiPath… All i see is IRegisterMetadata class.



Check if the pdfSharp Assembly Reference has been added to the Xaml (open in Text), if not try adding Manually.


PdfSharp works great, i added the screenshot just to show I have had done it before. The problem is I can only see the project’s name where i referenced itextsharp.dll. I can’t see all the namespaces like with PdfSharp.


If anyone can create a working iTextSharp NuGet package file and share it with me, I’d really appreaciate it. Thanks for any help.