FrameWork Question

Afternoon All

Im battling through the framework but have reached my next dead end.

In the Process.xaml I have my processing workflow, which takes you to the site referenced by the in_TransActionItem

I check the details on the site match a column in_TransactionItem, Then I have an IF that should the item match then the in_TransactionItem datarow gets written to a table. Only Im getting the below error

Add Data Row: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
System exception.Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: UiPath.Executor


I read somewhere yesterday about cloning the original datatable and got that working out side of the framework but a)can’t find the original post i read it on and b)not sure where to put it other wise it will run everytime a transaction is processed.

Once all the tranactions have been processed, where would I right the datatable to a .csv as again it would just get written over and over if I have it in the process

Hi there @Jersey_Practical_Sho,
Based on the message provided, it is likely either your TransactionItem DataRow is null, or your Output DataTable is null.

Have you setup your Output DataTable in advance, I know you mentioned cloning the Schema?

If possible, would you be able to provide a short snippet, so I can take a quick look.

Thanks in advance,

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