Framework: Date not visible in Write Range Activity


Need help. I am trying to write range the data from a filtered datatable. The column for Invoice Date and Date Created always shows a pound sign “########”. Rest of the columns are okay. I am using Framework in UiPath. When I tried to test it using UiPath Studio without Framework, it works!!! Columns shows the correct format date. Is there a difference between non Framework and Framework when doing sequences?

My goal is to filter the main file and copied it to another sheet. I used read and write range under excel application scope activity. I prefer to use the Framework since we will be using the Orchestrator soon!

Thanks in advance!

@skippycpa - Welcome to the community!

Can you share the output of both non-REFramework and REFramework?
Can you share your Excel Application Scope?

Hello, here is my sequence for the excel application scope. I used the config file and use DateTime.Now.ToString to identify the date I am downloading the report.

I won’t be able share the file itself, the details are confidential. What I can share is that the format of date should be DD/MM/YYYY after copying it to another sheet. But the columns for the date appears to be in “########”.

hi @skippycpa

The ###### is because of the Column width of the excel.

can you Please try expanding the column width , Saving excel and retry .


Hi @mukeshkala

Do you mean I should expand the column on the output file? I did and they are still in ######. Even by editing the cells, the dates were not visible.

I used the read and write range activities. When data is stored in datatable, is the original format (Text, Date, Number, etc) of the data from one sheet similar when you “write” them to another sheet?

Hi … I am having a similar issue … did you find a solution?